What happens if we hit rock during excavation?

The simple answer:

We pay. With our Fixed Price Contract we make sure you are completely protected.


The whole picture:

The way Bellriver price your new home is substantially different to the way any
other builder prices a home.


To calculate the price of your new home we need to undertake tests and thorough due diligence.

  • We conduct soil tests, soil swell tests, contour surveys, compaction and site fill tests.
  • We assess bush fire and flood regulations, retaining walls and developers guidelines.
  • We assess the information from the 149 certificate and 88b instrument so that we
    know prior to quoting any issues there may be with the land.
  • We enter your site details into a specialised program to calculate accurately
    the need of importing or exporting of fill.
  • Our estimators accurately cost these requirements along with all your desired modifications.

Knowledge is power and with this information we can accurately anticipate any issues that may arise during the building of your home. Add this knowledge to our 20+ years of experience and you can rest easy knowing we have both the knowledge and commitment to complete
your home for the price we say we will.

Who pays your rent if we go over time on the build?

The simple answer:

We do. We guarantee to pay your rent if the home build runs overtime.

For full details and conditions view 'Guaranteed build times'

The whole picture:

At Bellriver Homes we use industry leading systems to track every facet
of communication and construction.


This proven system has been developed over 20 years and thousands of home builds
to assists us in moving through every process efficiently.


Our current build times are well below industry average and while we move quickly and
efficiently, we are diligent that our quality standards are maintained. So with planning,
we can confidently assure our clients that we will be finished your new home in time.

Who interprets your soil test and designs your foundations?

The simple answer:

Bellriver have an independent structural engineer interpret your soil test and design your foundations.


The whole picture:

A simple soil test that comes up with a type ‘s’, ‘m’ of ‘h’ classification is simply not sufficient. So we go a step further.


To do the job properly we need to better understand if there is unstable or uncompacted fill on your property and at what depths. So we contract an independent specialist to design the foundations and detail the correct way to build your home – including quantity, size and position of any necessary piers, deep edge beams and site tapering.


This way the structural foundations are designed specifically to the conditions relating to your home and your block of land.


This is not a normal practice and most builders make their own assessments based on a simple soil test.

Does Bellriver dedicate a customer service specialist to your new home?

The simple answer:


The whole picture:

We see this as one of the most important things we provide for our clients.


Nothing is more frustrating than being left in the dark once you have signed the contract. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our collaborative approach to home building. From the very first day we allocate a specialist customer service person to keep you fully informed. They will also assist you through the colour and product selection process.


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