Before Bellriver...

Every building contract has clauses or additional site costs, rock excavation, additional piers, engineering requirements, bushfire regulations, BASIX, Retaining walls and so on and so forth.

In short, this meant that home buyers couldn’t get a firm price and didn’t really know what
the final bill was going to be at the start of the project.

They said it couldn’t be done

Now for the first time in Australian building history Bellriver Homes is offering
a “No Excuses Fixed Price Home Building Contract.”

This is unprecedented in our industry. No other builder ever thought it could be done.

We felt it could. So we did it.

If we hit rock – we pay, not you

Now as a new home buyer, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the amount quoted is
the amount you will pay – no ifs or buts’. Fixed means fixed, with the exception of unregistered or contaminated sites e.g. Asbestos, new or unknown statutory requirements and sites in which we are unable to do our due diligence.

This has been no easy task, which is why no one has attempted it before. It means we make
a greater investment when we are quoting your home.

We see this as our investment in you
and it’s worth every cent

Because the more we understand about your home the better prepared we will be to build it. After-all if the engineering requires more piers we will be paying for it – not you.

If we hit rock, we pay – not you. So by investing in you we also invest in ourselves.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

To deliver a better home – we have worked hard to build a contract so our customers feel secure even before they walk across the threshold of their new home.

These are our only conditions:

This offer applies to all homes purchased on registered uncontaminated land where we can do full soil tests and site due diligence. If a home is purchased on unregistered land, before construction we can then provide a FIXED price.


The Fixed Price contract excludes:

  1. Unregistered or contaminated sites e.g. Asbestos
  2. New or unknown statutory requirements (if they change the rules)
  3. Sites at our discretion where we cannot do our due diligence

You may not realise

With other builders’ ‘so called’ fixed price contracts, you may be liable for;

1. Site contamination
e.g. Asbestos
2. Extra piering
3. Re-engineering of the slab
due to different soil and
sub-soil conditions
4. Uncontrolled fill on the site
5. Additional deep edge beams
6. Importing or exporting extra
fill due to changed finished
floor levels
7. Additional site battering
8. Tree piers
9. Rock excavation. If Rock is
encountered during excavation
or pier hole boring, this is
always charged as an extra
10. Changes to slab class design
11. Additional compaction
12. Snow loading
13. Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
14. BASIX energy & water requirements
15. Stockpiling of fill on site
16. Removal of fill from the site
17. Importing fill
18. Flood requirements
19. Mine subsidence
20. Wind loadings
21. Easements and covenants
22. Retaining walls
23. Building Site Guidelines (BSG)
requirements. These are often
special conditions set by the
land developer
24. Salinity
25. Septic requirements
26. Drainage and storm water pits

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