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About Bellriver

On the surface, most home builders seem to offer similar products, the biggest difference being in their plans, facades & prices. But unfortunately, many of the most important differences are hard to recognize until you have committed or your home construction has commenced, at which stage it’s too late.

A flexible approach to design & styling

Unlike many builders who offer a set design range & specifications, we offer all our clients the opportunity to customize their home. The urban designs are available with a number of facade and external options and some amount of floor plan flexibility. The internal specifications of a Bellriver home are so high most clients don’t require any up-spec’s, but if you do, we have an extensive range of options for you to choose from.

Customer service that is second to none

We consider our quality control systems and after sales service to be one of the most important areas of our business. Every customer is allocated their own ‘customer service consultant’ to care for their every need. Once construction begins, you will be assigned your own project supervisor, who will keep you informed throughout the building process. We manage & track every building project through a comprehensive software program. In essence, nothing is left to chance.

Standard plans by award winning designers

Our brand new design and façade range is largely the work of two of the most renown and highly respected architects in Sydney. One is a multiple MBA and HIA award winning architect who specializes in classically beautiful designs and has done work for many celebrity clients in the Dural region. Our second architect specializes in very modern architecture and most of his work is in the Mosman and Northern beaches area. He is heavily influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. To see his influence in our range, view the ‘Sanctuary’ collection – this is one of his most recent works. The Bellriver range encompasses many styles and all are full of interest, are modern, and are designed to ‘flow’ freely. Every design is available in standard form or mirror reverse so that it can be orientated to suit the block and the sun. Most of the Country designs are the work of legendary country designer Pamela Wilkinson from Mudgee NSW.


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