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The Advantages of Living in a Single-Storey Home in NSW

The Advantages of Living in a Single-Storey Home 

Dreaming of a new home on the perfect lot? Bellriver Homes builds one and two storey homes in Sydney and across regional NSW. Our single storey homes are especially popular with modern aesthetic appeal, easy accessibility and much more. Let’s explore all the benefits of living in a single storey home. 

The Advantages of Living in a Single-Storey Home

Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is a key advantage of luxury single storey house plans. The convenience and easy movement on a single level is tough to beat and benefits people of all ages and abilities. Young kids, senior citizens, aging pets; everyone will appreciate the accessibility and the fact that it’s easier to clean and manage.


Another advantage of single storey homes in NSW is the ideal balance between room proximity and privacy. With no need for stairs, one-level homes provide practicality and ease of maintenance. No more lugging a vacuum up and down stairs or struggling to reach tall ceilings. You can still enjoy ample privacy with spacious bedrooms and ensuites while embracing modern comfort and convenience.

Cost Savings 

Many Australians downsize to a single storey house for the safety and convenience as well as the potential of long-term savings on energy bills. Single storey homes often come with reduced heating, cooling and construction costs, making them a popular choice for individuals and families alike. With fewer building materials and less structural reinforcement required, you can save on luxury single storey house plans.

Aging in Place

Flexibility for aging in place can make a huge difference to older Australians and their loved ones. Single storey homes offer a suitable environment with the absence of stairs and easy addition of safety features and security systems. No laundry, furniture or shopping bags need to be carried up and down stairs, making one-level homes a logical choice for aging couples and families who still want to maintain their independence. Local display homes can give you a better idea of single storey modern home design and how to make it work for you.

Design Flexibility

With the affordability of single storey house price, coupled with their numerous advantages, it’s easy to see why more Australians are choosing life on one level. Thanks to ample customisation options and design flexibility, single storey home designs offer open floor plans and seamless indoor-outdoor living. Think large, spacious living rooms and luxury kitchens, perfect for family meals and entertaining friends.

Bellriver’s Bayswater single storey contemporary home is just one example of modern single storey house plans done right. This floor plan has a luxurious flow between living spaces for the ideal family lifestyle. It is our most popular choice, and we have numerous single storey home facades to choose from. Check out more modern single storey house plans for additional inspiration on one-level living.

Explore Single Storey Home Facades & Designs in NSW

As you can see, there are so many benefits of living in a single storey home. Single storey home designs certainly have a lot to offer, including safety, convenience, style and maintenance. Consider these advantages when choosing your next home, and feel free to contact Bellriver Homes online with any questions about single storey contemporary home design. Let’s chat about your dream single storey house today.



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