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Protecting our people


Safety is intrinsic to our operating model. Safety forges the foundation of our execution plans, and we make it the responsibility of all of our people.

We believe that by involving all people in the organization, the safety system increases morale and develops a safety culture within our business. Our safety system leads the way to a well-structured and caring, socially responsible corporation that consistently identifies and controls risks, reduces the potential for accidents, encourages legislative compliance and improves performance.

The Bellriver B-Safe Program commitment

Health & Safety

Strong Health and Safety system implementation


Simple Contractor Management and approval system


Information Induction Management for all employees and contractors 

B-Safe Contractor Management

It is vital to ensure all contractors are approved through our B-SAFE program before undertaking any work for or on behalf of Bellriver Homes.

Register or log into the B-Safe Contractor Management portal.

B-Safe Program
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