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August 11, 2017

Build equity as well as a great home

Building a new home is all about enjoying the good life. It’s about expressing your individuality and having the opportunity to choose your location, design and finishes while enhancing your lifestyle.
Imagine the possibility of building your equity and property portfolio while enjoying the benefits of your new home…
However, while building your dream, it is possible to:
  • Overcapitalize and get burnt longer term
To make sure you are building a great asset, simply answer the following question.
  • Does the land price + the building price = the price that similar properties are selling for in the area?
If not, why? Is it a depressed region? Is the land cost too high? Is there too much housing stock on the market? Is this the right design, style and size to build in this area?
Often overcapitalization is simply a matter of wrong design, wrong size or poor aspect…things that can be easily corrected.
At Bellriver, we are passionate about assisting our customers in getting this equation right. For people who get this right, they often keep building new homes and renting out their older ones and building up a property portfolio that is relatively cost neutral to them.
Ask one of our qualified consultants to help you through this equation. In many ways, protecting our clients hard earned money and getting it to work for them is the most important and rewarding part of the whole house building equation.


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