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Design Consultation Process – Completing Your New Home Dreams

Design Consultation Process – Completing Your New Home Dreams

Every new home project starts with a dream; a dream for more space, a dream for a new lifestyle, a dream location for your growing family. Whatever your dreams or goals may be, you’re going to need expert design advice to make them a reality.

Choosing a builder with a thorough and consultative design process is the key to your success, and this process can be easier and more affordable than you’d think. To find the home builder for your dreams, look past the packages, plans and designs to find a team that truly stands out in its service. This all starts with a superior design process.


How Can You Have an Affordable & Customised Home Design?

Balancing affordability with customisation can often be difficult for home builders offering new house design. You either get a solution that claims to be custom but is picked from the same small pool of designs, or you receive a custom design that costs you tens of thousands of dollars before a single brick has been laid. These solutions might work for some people, but they certainly won’t satisfy most.

At Bellriver Homes, we believe we’ve struck the perfect balance. We provide more than 250 variations on over 120 designs, which have been crafted by acclaimed Sydney designers. From this massive pool of options, we work closely and personally with you to create the modifications and personalisation you need.

From your lifestyle to your budget to the look and feel of your home, we will help you create something unique. Start your design process with our impressive range of floor plans and you’ll be sure to get it right.


A True Step-by-Step Solution

A home builder might claim to be there for you throughout your journey, but if you never hear from them after the contract is signed, how involved can you really be? The differences that a superior new home builder offers are often hidden until the construction stage when it is already too late.

Bellriver Homes’ step-by-step solution isn’t just a piece of marketing. We are truly there alongside you, getting things right before construction begins and ensuring you’re involved during the process. We never take a step without you, nor do we leave you to figure it out yourself.

At Bellriver, your dedicated New Home Consultant will guide you through the impressive range of designs that we’ve already mentioned. Only once you’ve selected a plan and we’ve ensured everything meets your style will we move onto the next steps. From council submissions to colour selection and construction, we guide you through the entire process, taking care of the most tedious elements of a new home while ensuring you’re completely involved and up-to-date on every decision.

You can learn more about our step-by-step home design process here.

Embrace the Difference with Our New Home Builders in Sydney

New build homes can be affordable, enjoyable and truly yours to customise. It all starts with a consultative design process and finding a builder that is genuinely there for you.

At Bellriver Homes, our Sydney home builders listen to your needs and wants, recommending a home that suits you and your family. Your dream forms the blueprint that guides us towards the reality of your new home. To find out more about our building process, contact us today or visit a display home and see for yourself! Call us on 1800 200 888 for details.