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Creating a learning environment
in your home

Creating a learning environment <br />in your home

Now that parents and children across Australia have experienced home schooling, we’re more conscious than ever of how important a dedicated home study space is.

Many parents understand the importance of creating a designated study area for their children, which is why lots of new homes now come with built-in study nooks and shareable, adaptable office spaces.

Whatever kind of study nook you’re thinking about creating, here are some tips and pics to inspire you!

Consider the location

The Bellriver Tilbury design

It may be convenient to have your children where you can see them, sitting up at the kitchen highland on a stool, completing their homework while you prepare dinner, but a secluded area or a quiet corner will give your child a greater ability to focus on their work.

Consider the space

The Bellriver Bronte design

While built-in desks, attached to a wall can make good use of space, stand-alone desks are just as effective and provide a great space for kids to designate time to concentrate on their studies away from the comfort of the bed which isn’t great for their posture.

Clear the clutter

The Bellriver Sanctuary design

It the desk is in a high traffic area, it can tend to be used as a dumping ground by the family. Try to discourage this by creating a clear space with thoughtfully chosen, minimalistic décor to reduce the temptation to leave unnecessary items around.

Make It Enticing

The Bellriver Bronte design

If you opt for a study space outside of the bedroom, then make it beautiful by adding a pop of colour or a nice artwork. It also helps to make it an enticing space for your child to spend time.

Make It Calming

The Bellriver Mornington design

Adding calming elements to your child’s study nook like pot plants or an inspiring quote can help them to concentrate and relax.

Think of the whole family

The Bellriver Tilbury design

If everyone is forced to study and work from home, this could be a great opportunity to provide your child with some perspective of how you work and conduct yourself professionally. Make sure there is an alternative space to break out to if a phone call has to be taken or a video is part of the school curriculum.

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