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Fixed Price House & Land Packages for Total Peace of Mind

Fixed Price House & Land Packages for Total Peace of Mind

If you’re looking seriously at new home prices, we probably don’t need to tell you how valuable house and land packages can be. These new home packages can save you money in a range of areas by bundling the perfect block of land with a customisable, made-to-suit new home design.

The best house and land packages come with stamp duty savings, a brand new design that’s made for you, and the peace of mind that your design and your block of land won’t clash. If you’re considering house and land for investment purposes, these new homes are also great for attracting tenants and maximising depreciation costs.

However, there are things to look out for with house and land packages, and in the hands of the wrong home builders, they could spell disaster. At Bellriver Homes, we offer a fixed price on our house and land packages until three months after the forecasted registration date. This gives you peace of mind if you’ve secured a package on unregistered land, making the house and land option that much more affordable and convenient.


Wait a Minute – What’s Unregistered Land?

Whether you’re buying or building a new house design in Sydney, you know how competitive the market can be. For this reason, many available house and land packages will be on unregistered land.

In residential cases, this simply means that the subdivision process is still being approved, meaning the land for sale doesn’t have a certificate of title available yet.

This may seem like a risk, but unregistered land is the best way to lock in a house and land package with the price and location that suits you best. In some cases, you can even benefit from capital growth on the land in the near future.

Unregistered land can also pose extra complications relating to the registration date, and that’s exactly where our fixed price promise benefits you.


A Sunset Date Can Mean Skyrocketing Costs – but Not with Us!

In order to register your land, the subdivision process will need to be complete, meaning your contract will have an expected registration date or sunset date. This estimate needs to be realistic because if an expected registration date varies greatly from the actual registration, your building costs and expenses can rise. As well as this, your whole move-in timeline can be thrown into disarray.

At Bellriver Homes, our 3-month fixed house and land packages mean your price will remain fixed until three months after the forecasted registration date. That's a massive three-month extra buffer where there's no more to pay, even if the expected and actual dates don't match.

There are other considerations to look out for with house & land packages on unregistered land. Bellriver Homes has transparently outlined what they are and how we avoid the problems here.

Our word truly is our bond. Once you’ve got complete peace of mind about your building options, check out our great designs for house and land packages throughout Sydney and NSW.


We’re Always Here to Help!

Our Sydney home builders are here to honestly answer any of your questions and guide you on the home building journey. We invite you to visit our display homes to see our house and land packages brought to life. You can also leave us a message online, call us on 1800 200 888, or start a live chat on our website!