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March 12, 2018

Industry Best Standard Inclusions – What to Look for!

When it comes to new home packages and designs, “standard inclusion” can be one of the most confusing parts of the process. Of course, you want the best inclusions for your money, but what exactly does that list look like? And how are you supposed to interpret those home builders who are offering thousands of dollars of inclusions for next to nothing?
The truth about new home “inclusions” is that they’re not always truthful and they’re not always included. If an offer looks too good to be true, there are probably hidden fees lurking below the surface. So, what should your list of standard inclusions look like? Here’s our advice on what to look for and what to avoid in a new home design.


Generally speaking, a list of standard inclusions should look extensive without looking unbelievable. This ensures that your builder’s offering isn’t the most modest on the market and that it isn’t showing you the goods but hiding the fees. In this way, the key to success is finding a new home builder who values you and their work enough that their idea of standard far exceeds the norm.
With that in mind, you should be looking for:
  • Customer service and communication excellence – If your builder is going the extra step, such as providing you with a personal Customer Service Consultant, then their inclusions are more likely to be transparent, too. Be sure to ask questions about inclusions and if your builder hesitates, maybe you should, too.
  • Renowned designs and quality standards – outside the inclusions themselves, the standard floor plans on offer should reflect a high level of quality control and design flexibility. This is another sign that a builder performs work you can trust and another sign that their inclusions will reflect this.
  • Designer kitchens – moving right onto the inclusions themselves, make sure the kitchen inclusions receive some thoughtful consideration. As one of the most important rooms in the home, a kitchen should feature completely built-in features, stainless steel appliances, stunning stone benchtops, soft closing drawers,and a showpiece oven, among other things.
  • Brilliant bathrooms – just as important in your new home design, your bathroom should feature quality metal tapware and accessories, high-quality vanities and a choice of materials for feature tiles, among other things.
  • The perfect finishes – new homes aren’t complete without many large and little features. Look for reverse cycle air conditioning, LED downlights and even electronic wireless doorbells (no, not all builders include these!)


There are plenty of things that should tip you off to an inadequate inclusions list. Here are a few signs that you should avoid a certain new home builder.
  • Plastic vanities, pans & cisterns in the bathroom – this is a simple sign that a list of inclusions isn’t giving you the best.
  • A lack of flexibility when it comes to features – there’s no point having inclusions if some things can’t be changed to meet your needs.
  • No clear word on build time – yes, you definitely want great inclusions but you also need a clear timeline for their completion.
  • Thousands of inclusions at “no extra price” – you’ve probably seen a few sets of standard inclusions that offer plenty of extras at no extra cost. In most cases, we can guarantee you that these extras will come with an extra fee, hidden somewhere else in the price.
  • No set of exclusions – speaking of hidden, a fully transparent home builder will also tell you what’s not included in their prices, and that’s just as important. Make sure this list is visible and easy to find for your peace of mind.


At Bellriver Homes, we don’t try and hide our inclusions behind an invisible cost. Our Sydney home builders simply offer exceptional value and build quality across the board. We have a high standard for “standard inclusions” and we encourage you to compare them with any other builder on the market. We know we have an inclusion list that is unprecedented in the industry and are prepared to prove it.
Learn more about our inclusions and download our fully transparent brochure now. For a discussion with our team, call 1800 200 888 or leave us a message online.


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