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October 27, 2017

Knock Down Rebuild – New home, same address

If you love the suburb you live in, but your home just isn’t fulfilling your lifestyle needs, it might be time to consider knocking down the existing house and rebuilding your dream home.
Does this seem drastic? Well, it could also be logical. Here’s a few reasons why;
Knock Down and Rebuild: Why you should consider it
You may love your current neighbours, or love visiting your local shops. Perhaps you are close to family, schools, or transport. No matter what the reason, if you love your suburb, it’s hard to leave it. If you’ve outgrown your home, the idea of moving to a larger home in the same area may not be feasible but it would also mean leaving the location you love.
Making your home truly yours
If you rebuild, you can design the home to suit your needs. We work closely with our customers to help them build a home that is personalised so you can get that storage space, master bedroom and kitchen you’ve always wanted.
Take advantage of the latest technologies
Starting from scratch means you can take advantage of new smart technology in your home. You can also consider green-living options, which will put money back into your pocket in the long-run.
Make the most of your lifestyle
The way we use homes has changed in the past 40 years and the kitchen is now the heart of the home. Orientation is key, with natural light improving cooling and heating performance and open spaces offering a family to enjoy each others company with luxury additions like theatre rooms and butler’s pantries. All of this is possible if you design your own home.
Bellriver Homes offers a free site inspection, site evaluation assessment, design consultation, recommendation report and a free quotation for your new home and that’s just the start.
While we build homes every day, we know you don’t so we’re with you through the entire process.
With more than 120 designs to suit your block, it’s just a matter of giving us a call to start your journey to a new home.

visit our display homes for ideas on the perfect design to suit your property such as the Bronte and Avalon at Marsden Park or the Tilbury at Oran Park.


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