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Our Rental Guarantee Is Your Peace of Mind

Our Rental Guarantee Is Your Peace of Mind

Building a new home is an incredibly exciting process but there can also be a few nerve-wracking moments along the way. Finding the right design is one of the more engaging moments, especially when you have more than 250 variations to choose from for new home designs. On the other hand, building timelines are perhaps the element that makes new home buyers sweat the most.

Even when you’re working with the most reliable, transparent and trustworthy home builders, delays can occur and new home prices can blow out.

Luckily, with Bellriver Homes’ rental guarantee, this worry can be a thing of the past.


What Is the Bellriver Homes Rental Guarantee?

Our rental guarantee is offered alongside our revolutionary No Excuses Fixed Price Contract. Said simply, while we guarantee to complete your new home by the time stated in the contract, things can go wrong.

At Bellriver Homes, the difference is that we don't offer excuses, we provide solutions. That's why with our rental guarantee if we don't finish building your home on time, we will pay your rent!


Where Can I Find Details about the Practical Completion of My Home?

Transparency and communication are big parts of what we do here at Bellriver Homes. This goes for everything from our comprehensive inclusions to our guaranteed build times.

You can find your building timeline in your HIA building contract. This construction timeline is the deal we will stick to when it comes to our Rental Guarantee. If you’re having any trouble finding this information, simply pick up the phone and talk to your dedicated relationship manager. After all – that’s what we’re here for!


What about Extensions and Adjusted Build Times?

At Bellriver Homes, we’re pretty confident in our ability to meet your timelines. However, some things may happen that prompt us to adjust our build times. EOTs or Extensions of Time may apply due to:


  • Weather – unfortunately, there are some things we simply can’t do due to inclement weather. It would compromise both safety and the quality of your build!
  • Supply – if the supply of materials is out of control, we can’t continue with our work.
  • Other delays that are out of our control – as always, Bellriver Homes will keep you completely informed throughout the process to ensure there are no surprises. 


What Our New Home Builders Provide with Our Guarantee

If our simple conditions are met, our rental guarantee will provide up to $300 a week to help you pay your rent until the building process is complete. This can go a long way to helping with your expenses and more importantly, it offers you peace of mind.

In the long run, we believe our building process will ensure that we meet our construction times for your new home. Regardless, we’re happy to provide this guarantee with every new contact.

Click here for a summary of our rental guarantee.


Contact Our New Home Builders in Sydney

If you’re interested in a house and land package with guaranteed build times in Sydney or beyond, talk to our team today. Contact Bellriver Homes online or call us on 1800 200 888. To see our home designs brought to life, come and visit one of our display homes across NSW.