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Quality Home Inspections Are Independently Guaranteed

Quality Home Inspections Are Independently Guaranteed

If I were to ask you who the best person is to inspect your newly built home, what would you say? On one hand, you might be tempted to say the new home builders themselves. After all, they’re the professionals who built your property and they’re most likely to know it best. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss errors in your own work, and some home builders might even overlook them out of negligence.

If not the new home builders, then maybe you should be the one to inspect your home. This is a nice idea, but most homeowners don't have the technical knowledge required, and even if you do, you might be too invested in the project to see it clearly.

In actual fact, the only people you should rely on to carry out inspections on new build homes are qualified building surveyors or building inspectors. These experts are intimately familiar with the practicalities of building as well as the Building Code of Australia.


Why Do New Build Homes Need Building Inspections?

Nothing can beat the quality of a new home and to ensure this, new builds require several inspections throughout the construction process. New home building is a large task made up of many small details, and each of these needs to work together to ensure the best results.

Building inspections during construction can ensure:

  • Nothing has been neglected or incorrectly completed, either deliberately or accidentally
  • Avoidable faults won’t develop in the months or years following the build
  • Expensive costs won’t be laid at the feet of the homeowner due to poor quality construction
  • You’re getting your money’s worth at every stage of the new build


Who Should You Trust with Building Inspections?

There are several mandatory inspections and many more optional ones throughout the course of a new home build. These will ensure that your new home is being built according to the Building Code of Australia.

Building inspectors are sometimes referred to as the Principal Certifying Authority in New South Wales and they will usually be a private contractor. They should also be licensed with the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS).


When Do Building Inspections Take Place?

Building inspections should form a part of your fixed price building contract and they often take place to match your major payment timeline. This way, whenever a new payment has been made, you also receive peace of mind about the quality and progress of your work.

Compulsory building inspections include footing inspections, slab inspections, framing inspection, waterproofing inspections and the final inspection.


What Quality Guarantees Does Bellriver Offer on New Houses for Sale?

At Bellriver Homes, we are proud to have strict and unmatched quality control guarantees for new builds. We engage Tyrrells Property Inspectors, Sydney’s only quality assured building consultancy, to inspect your home at critical milestones of your building process.

Tyrrells has been providing reliable, experienced and independent building inspections since 1983. All Tyrrells consultants are qualified, experienced, specially trained and equipped with professional indemnity insurance. For your peace of mind and complete transparency, a Tyrrells’ report will form part of your settlement process.


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