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The 10-step formula to the perfect Hamptons style home

The 10-step formula to the perfect Hamptons style home

So what's all the fuss about Hampton style houses? They've been around for a while now and it sure doesn't look like they're going anywhere. Hamptons style homes originated on the shores of Long Island – one of the wealthiest parts of New York. Yet, Hamptons style houses have become hugely popular in Australia. This is because Hamptons style houses in Australia have developed their own unique style. A style that accommodates a refined, yet laidback lifestyle that perfectly reflects the Australian way of living.

So how do you achieve the perfect Hamptons style house?

We’re going to give you a 10-step cheat sheet to do just that.

1. Hamptons style exterior

We often get carried away with Hamptons interiors but don’t forget, it all starts with street presence. Your Hamptons home begins with bringing together the right parts to achieve a stunning Hamptons style exterior. An exterior that will have the Jones’ wanting to keep up with you! Balconies, columns and cladding all come together to achieve the much-loved Hamptons style façade.

2. Hamptons style floorplan

Achieve a Hamptons style house by ensuring that lots of light can get in.

Choose a Bellriver Homes’ floor plan with:

  • large open spaces
  • multiple living areas
  • generous windows
  • a sweeping staircase
  • a sunny alfresco

All these things will help to bring the outside inside and truly make the Hamptons design.

3. Position

You might be thinking that if you don't live near the beach you can't have a Hamptons style home. That's just not true. Today Hamptons houses sit proudly next to beach and lakefronts, in the inner city, and sit just as happily in the suburbs. Taking advantage of your block’s aspect is the key. Bellriver Homes can fit your Hamptons house on to a narrow lot and help you to position it to its best advantage.

4. Hamptons colours

Look to a Hampton’s colour palette throughout the house. Think navy blues, sea greens and greys, beachy creams and natural driftwood tones. Choose crisp, white walls, timber flooring or natural coloured carpets. A careful mix of Hamptons colours and textures will see you living in a beautiful home that you can be proud of and really relax in at the same time.

5. Hamptons Style Kitchen

If you want a Hamptons style kitchen, choose:

  • stainless steel appliances
  • shaker or country-style cabinetry in white, soft blues, greens or greys
  • marble or white stone benchtops
  • a tiled rather than glass splashback
  • open shelving

There you have it - a beautiful Hamptons style kitchen. Many of these items come standard with Bellriver Homes’ generous inclusions package.

6. Hamptons style bathroom

Your bathroom should be classic, timeless and elegant.


  • subway tiles
  • marble
  • shaker style vanities
  • sconce lighting
  • chrome taps
  • sumptuous towels

You'll have the Hamptons style bathroom you've always dreamed of.

7. Hamptons style bedroom

Your Hamptons style bedroom starts with the right bed head. A large upholstered bed head standing proud in your expansive Bellriver Homes’ master bedroom is a great start. Dress it in linen and cotton and offset with timber accents. Add mirrors, artwork, coral accessories and tonnes of cushions. Doing this will see you achieve the Hamptons look you desire. Just don't skimp on the thread count! Hamptons style equals Luxe style.

8. Hamptons lounge rooms and living areas

Hamptons style homes have living areas filled with big, comfortable, overstuffed lounges. You need cushions galore, ottomans, canvas artworks, and blue and white ceramics. Rattan or timber furniture and natural fibre rugs are also absolute musts haves for the ideal Hamptons house.

9. Hamptons style lighting

We already know that Hamptons style homes require lots of light. To achieve this use a mix of downlights, feature pendant lighting, and mood lighting like lamps with linen shades, nautical or geometric prints.

10. Bellriver Homes

Finally, the magic ingredient to achieving your perfect Hamptons style house is to come and talk to Bellriver Homes. We can guide you with our trademark customer service to make your Hamptons dreams a reality. We have many homes that could easily become your Hamptons dream home. In particular, come to one of our display centres and look at our flagship Brookhaven, the Ascot, Tilbury and Bronte. We can't wait to bring your dream home to life.