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Latest Designs from Bellriver Homes in New South Wales

Cutting-Edge Bellriver Home Designs in New South Wales

For over 30 years, the Bellriver Homes name has been synonymous with cutting-edge home design, sustainable architecture and peerless customer service. With our team of dynamic leaders, visionary designers and passionate community builders, we ensure that every home is personalised down to the detail, with a delicate blend of modern aesthetics and classic finishes. Read on for a closer look at popular Bellriver home styles and new homes in NSW.

Designs For New Homes in NSW


Annangrove was envisioned as a sleek, modern rendering of a classic homestead design. The facade and verandas retain the classic, even nostalgic look of homesteads of a bygone era, balanced with the forward-thinking, bold lines of a modern design.
Inside, the home is everything an innovative home of the future should be. Made for the modern family, you can expect the perfect mix of indoor media and activity areas, with expansive outdoor living spaces that make this design perfect for a larger plot of land. With 4 bedrooms and a large Alfresco area, this is the perfect home for an active, dynamic family.


Among the many Bellriver home styles available is the hugely popular Bronte design. This innovative home is the definitive modern upgrade of a double storey living space. Designed with compact 12.5 m wide allotments in mind, the Bronte is very much a family home with a spacious guest site, 5 bedrooms, a bedroom with a “granny flat” attachment and an overall layout that manages to feel spacious and cosy at the same time.


The Collaroy features an open style living, dining and kitchen area that retains a spacious, expansive feel while offering just enough separation to make them feel distinct. The layout places the common areas, guest bedroom and media room on the ground floor, with all 4 bedrooms, an activity space and Zoom Zone on the upper floor where the family can have their own space and privacy. Call now to book a tour of the most popular Bellriver home designs.


How do you reimagine a homestead design with state-of-the-art modern features? When a client’s brief specified that their home should offer expansive, uninterrupted views of their beautiful property, our architect, James Cooper, designed this stunning home. A home with plenty of style and practical features, this signature design has 5 bedrooms, a sprawling living and dining space, and a grand Alfresco area for entertaining guests.


For homeowners who dream of generously sized homes bustling with energy, the Tilbury range might just be the perfect choice. These home designs are heavily upgraded versions of some of our most popular designs. Each home has been meticulously envisioned with the most cutting-edge features for convenience and sustainability, with a classic aesthetic that will always remain evergreen. This is a special 5-bedroom home with large living areas and a study on the upper floor.


The Toorak is a 3 or 4 bedroom, single-storey design that is truly unique. Although it is designed for 13m allotments, the design manages to include multiple living spaces, study nooks, media room and alfresco area while retaining a spacious, luxurious feel. It also features a stunning kitchen, walk-in pantry and the kind of layout that is perfect for a young family looking for versatile new homes in NSW.

Luxurious New Homes in Newcastle, NSW

Bellriver Homes is a trusted builder of modern homes in New South Wales. Contact us today to experience over 30 years of home design expertise under one roof.


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