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Support the local trades and suppliers

We all love the areas where we live and are intrinsically loyal to them.
When building a new home, we all love to support the local trades and suppliers wherever we possibly can. These trades provide local employment, understand the local conditions and are just around the corner when we need them.


At Bellriver, we use local trades wherever possible.
To qualify to become a trade supplier for Bellriver, a full screening must be undertaken to establish credentials, licence currency and any previous recorded issues. Then, if approved, agreement must be made to adhere to documented quality standards and supervisor checks. This at times becomes an issue, as many contractors are not used to having their work subjected to such stringent quality checks. If this is agreed upon, and fair and fixed pricing is agreed on… we use local trades and suppliers.
In some regions and for some trades, we are not able to achieve the quality and criteria required. And in some instances we can deliver you a better product at a lower price… which helps us to achieve a better home for a better price for our customers. In this case, we will source elsewhere. But, if possible, our choice is local… We are committed to keeping as much of your money in your local community as possible. Only when it’s not in your best interests will we go elsewhere.


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