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Warranty & high quality service

Warranty and high quality service for years AFTER your house is finished.
You need support long after the project is finished.
Your new home is built to last for generations. That’s why you want it built well. But regardless of how good a quality your builder is, there could be little issues that arise created from movement, product failure etc.
New home buyers are extremely well covered and protected. One question you need to have answered is:

If an issue arises, how am I going to be cared for?

And this is a big question. The fact is warranty and service issues mostly arise a long time after the sale is completed and there is no payment to be made for the work that is required. It’s an area that MOST builders seriously neglect. In fact, most small and medium sized builders do not have any system or person in place to manage these customer concerns.


Long term customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. This is how most of our new business is generated. So it is important to us that you are as happy 10 years from now as you are when you first purchase your new home.
We have a dedicated warranty department. The full and only responsibility of this department is to care for our clients after the handover of their new home. The team has been trained in Customer service and extols our “customer first” beliefs. They are measured on their response times and client surveys which are conducted to ascertain the quality of care and work undertaken. This level of dedicated resource into maintenance and after sales care is exceptionally rare in the home building industry.


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