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Building a House in NSW: Step-by-Step Process

Wondering how to buy your first house? What about the process of building a house? As a leading NSW home builder, Bellriver Homes can guide you through the house building process in Australia. We will cover everything you need to know to successfully complete your home construction project.
Take a look through our first house checklist for a comprehensive overview of the step-by-step process involved in building a house in NSW.

Stage 1: Preparation

Let’s start with one of the most common questions we get: how long does it take to build a house in Sydney? The build time can vary from 6 to 18 months depending on your chosen home design and site selection.
You can move quickly with land acquisition and the required soil tests or take your time selecting a site and hiring architects, designers and builders. As you embark on your home construction journey, you will also need to set a budget and obtain financing. Most families take at least 2-3 months to get through this early preparation stage of the house-building process in Australia.

Stage 2: Design and Approval

After selecting the right location and preparing with your home project professionals, it’s time to move forward with designing and financing your new house in NSW. You may want to revisit display centres to give you greater clarity on your favourite design features.
The best builders will lead the way, developing the design concept and floor plans while navigating building codes and regulations. The building company will help you refine the design and make final selections along with obtaining all necessary approvals and permits. This design and approval stage generally takes 2-4 months, but it can be a bit faster or slower depending on how well your builder manages timelines.

Stage 3: Pre-Construction

Next comes pre-construction, which influences how much money and time you need to build a house in Sydney. This involves finalising contracts and agreements and conducting further soil testing and site surveys required before crews can break ground. To make sure the actual construction project moves forward smoothly, it’s also important to engage engineers and obtain engineering reports. All up, you can expect pre-construction to take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks.

Stage 4: Construction

Now comes the fun part: commencement of construction! Your dedicated building team will lay the foundation and start structural work, followed by framing and roofing. Once that’s done, plumbing and electrical can be installed. Internal and external finishes will follow as your dream home comes to life.
Once the finishing touches are in place, it’s time for quality control and final inspections. In terms of how long it takes to build a house in Sydney, most major construction projects take at least three months, with many house builds coming in around six months and some stretching to a full year, depending on the builder and land conditions.

Stage 5: Handover

The final stage of building a house in NSW is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Upon completion of construction, your builder will sign off on final inspections and certifications before handing over the keys and documents. The site will also be cleared and cleaned so it’s ready to move into. Most of the time handover takes 7-8 weeks, but your builder will give you a more accurate timeline.

Complete Your First House Checklist with Bellriver Homes

Now that you know how to buy your first house, you can move forward with local home builders that have your best interests at heart. Contact Bellriver Homes today to start the process of building a house in NSW.


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