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Top Considerations When Purchasing a House and Land Package

Top Considerations When Purchasing a House and Land Package

As a leading home builder proudly serving NSW since 1993, Bellriver Homes can help you make the right choice for your dream home. Take a closer look at our home building insights and the most important considerations and questions to ask when buying a house and building new.


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1. Location: The Foundation of Your Dream Home

With a house and land packages, you get a block of land and custom plans for a new house, ensuring an affordable, convenient and worthwhile investment for an amazing new home. Choosing the right location is everything, as you want enough room to grow while being close to local amenities, schools, transportation and work. This way you can embrace the many benefits of house and land packages

2. Budget: Determining Your Financial Parameters

It’s important to set a realistic budget and not spend beyond your means, keeping in mind upfront costs, mortgage affordability and ongoing expenses. Some of the questions that will inevitably arise when buying a house involve the deposit required for a house and land package. To help you prepare for such a big purchase, it helps to understand how much you need to pay to start the process and when the rest will be due.

3. Builder Reputation: Ensuring Quality and Reliability

Something else to consider when buying a house and land package in Sydney is the builder’s track record. Selecting a reputable builder can mean the difference between moving into your dream home on time and running into unnecessary delays & costs. Look for reviews and certifications to give you peace of mind that your preferred builder has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to get the job done.

4. Infrastructure: Assessing the Surrounding Facilities

Further key considerations for house and land also include transportation, public services and future developments. It’s important to evaluate existing infrastructure and consult with a reputable home builder to ensure you make a sound investment. When you have a clear understanding of the surrounding suburb and the deposit required for a house and land package, you can make the right choice for your future. 

Build with Us: Explore NSW House & Land Packages

Thinking of buying a house and land package? Now that you know more about important factors like location, budget, builder reputation, design options and infrastructure, you can move forward with a house and land package in Sydney. Contact Bellriver Homes to get started with your build or to discuss first home buyers house and land packages.



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