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NSW’s Top Double Storey House Designs by Bellriver Homes

Double Storey House Designs in NSW

Top Double Storey Home Designs by Bellriver Homes in NSW

Bellriver Homes is an industry leader in single-storey, homestead style and two storey modern house design. We specialise in creating double storey house plans that are precisely designed to fit a range of allotments with double storey façade options that retain a classic look while celebrating the very best that tasteful modern architecture has to offer. Contact us today for cutting-edge, energy efficient two storey house design options.

Benefits of Double Storey Homes

Better Use of Space

If you have a smaller allotment, or just want to make better use of space, building up instead of out is a far superior option. A two storey house design lets you get the most living space on a small plot of land, and might even leave you.

Ideal for Privacy

Single storey homes can sometimes feel exposed, with living, bedroom and kitchen areas all on the same floor. Double storey house plans often situate bedrooms on the upper floor so that there is a separation between common areas and private rooms.

Stunning Views

There’s no doubt that a double storey façade gives you the best possible view of your property. A second storey can be designed to let in plenty of natural light and to face the best side of your allotment.

Two Storey Modern House Design by Bellriver Homes


The Avalon collection is a truly remarkable achievement. This design is all about creating a spacious home on a relatively small 10m allotment. It features a double garage, wonderful open living areas and gives you the option of a front balcony.


The hugely popular Bronte design is the definitive modern take on a double storey home. Designed with compact 12.5 m wide allotments in mind, the Bronte is very much a family home with a spacious guest site, 4 bedrooms, a bedroom with a “granny flat” attachment and an overall layout that manages to feel spacious and cosy at the same time.


The Tilbury range features superior, updated versions of some of our most popular home designs. Each home has been meticulously envisioned with the most cutting edge features for convenience and sustainability, with a classic aesthetic that will always keep up with the times. This is a special 5 bedroom home with large living areas and a study on the upper floor.


The Collaroy features an open style living, dining and kitchen area that retains a spacious, expansive feel while offering just enough separation to make them feel distinct. The layout places the common areas, guest bedroom and media room on the ground floor, with all 4 bedrooms, an activity space and Zoom Zone on the upper floor where the family can have their own space and privacy.


The Glenmore range is for those who have a narrower block however still value space. Whether you love entertaining or living in comforting solitude, this home has something for everyone’s personality. With a stunning designer kitchen, pantry and living room that blend into one another and masterfully designed bedroom areas for privacy, these homes create room for every kind of personality in a home.


When it comes to opulence as imagined by contemporary architecture, no home design comes close to the Whitehaven range. This home design features 5 spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms and a wealth of living spaces to choose from for different kinds of guests.

Double Storey Façade Options for Homes in NSW

Contact Bellriver Homes today to visit one of our many double storey display homes in New South Wales.


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