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Why Dual Occupancy Homes are a Smart Investment for Rental Income

Dual Occupancy Home Designs in NSW: Rental Income Investment

A smart house investment can change your future for the better, and Bellriver Homes offers dual living floor plans to make it happen. This lucrative property option delivers exciting potential for dual rental streams, tax advantages, higher rental yields and long-term investment growth.
So, what exactly is a dual occupancy home and how does it work as an income property? We’ve put together a guide to dual living rentals for rental property income. Let’s dive into the many financial benefits of investing in dual occupancy homes for rental income in NSW.

Dual Rental Streams

Dual occupancy homes are properties that provide two separate living spaces on one lot. Also called a duplex, dual occupancy home designs in NSW are legally allowed by the state government and may be attached residences, two separate dwellings or two single homes on subdivided blocks.

Dual occupancy investment property purchases are becoming more popular as they have the potential to provide two rental streams, generating increased rental income compared to single-unit properties. In the very competitive Australian rental and housing market, investing in dual occupancy homes at an affordable price can effectively double rental income and strengthen property portfolios.

Tax Advantages

There are some attractive tax advantages associated with investing in dual occupancy homes in NSW. Deductions available to investors include depreciation allowances and negative gearing, plus potential tax benefits through self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

A tax consultant can help you work through your options to determine the best course of action with a dual occupancy home. Keep in mind these homes are built on one block of land, saving money on the property purchase price compared to buying two separate residential lots elsewhere. All these cost savings and potential rental income will factor into your tax bill at the end of the year.

Higher Rental Yields & Long-Term Investment Growth

Higher rental yields are achievable with dual occupancy homes in NSW, as two rental incomes from one property leads to increased cash flow. Even if you choose to live in one property and rent out the other for a little bit, a spacious family home will yield more rent than a small city apartment.

There is also impressive potential for long-term investment growth with dual occupancy homes in the booming NSW market. Trends such as rising property values and growing rental demand make it a great time to invest. With the population growing and limited housing supply, a dual occupancy investment is a smart move.

Discover Dual Occupancy House Plans in Sydney & Regional NSW

Now that you know more about rental property income from dual occupancy home designs in NSW, you can seek advice on investing in a new property to generate income. Bellriver Homes is here to help you find the ideal dual occupancy investment property with our modern home designs. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss dual occupancy house plans in more detail.


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