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5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Land and House Package in NSW

Land and House Package in NSW

5 Reasons for Buying House and Land Packages In NSW

With over three decades of experience in the residential housing industry, Bellriver Homes has fine tuned the house and land package process to make it easier than ever. We offer clients a unique opportunity to choose from a wide range of premium properties and begin the home building process in just a few easy steps. Contact Bellriver Homes today to find out more about the unique house and land advantages that we offer.

Benefits of Buying House and Land Packages in NSW

Although there are certainly pros and cons of buying land and building a house, the house and land advantages that come with the right package far outweigh the potential cons.

Tailored Living Spaces

Buying house and land packages saves you time that can be better spent customising your dream home. Once you’ve selected the right combination of house and land you want, and the process is underway, you get to work closely with the builder to design your living space exactly the way you want.

Investment Potential and Equity Growth

The potential for growth on investment with house and land packages in NSW is second to none. Many packages are located in highly-coveted neighbourhoods where the potential for growth is higher than more saturated areas. With a real potential for long-term property appreciation and locations that include master planned communities that are certainly the future of Australian housing, a house and land package is a low risk way to enter the real estate market.

Convenient Home Buying Experience

The entire house and land process is streamlined so that the customer can consider a wide range of options and make a decision in the most simplified way.
Here’s a closer look at the Bellriver Homes process:
● Determine your budget and financing options
● Visit one of our display homes to experience the Bellriver Homes standard in person
● Work with our house and land specialists to find the location that best suits your needs
● Choose a home layout that aligns with the exact needs of you and your family

Access to Premium Neighbourhoods

House and land packages are located in some of the most sought after areas of the state. The packages are attractive not only for the land and home design, but also for proximity to important amenities like parks, schools, medical services and commercial centres. At Bellriver Homes, our team of housing experts do the hard work of selecting the most dynamic and exciting communities in which to build stunning homes, so you don’t have to.

Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Living

As home builders of the future, Bellriver Homes showcases the very best energy efficient features and sustainable building practices in our house and land package homes. From materials that provide better insulation, to appliances that use less energy and supply chain partnerships that look to reduce environmental impact, eco-friendly living is at the very core of what we do.

Eco-Friendly House and Land Packages in NSW

Looking for more information about the pros and cons of buying land and building a house? Contact Bellriver Homes today for a clear, honest conversation about house and land advantages and whether they are the right choice for you.


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