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Incorporating granny flats or extra generation living.

These dual living homes are unique and specialised. Many of the designs meet the requirements of recently introduced Granny Flat codes. Some designs meet complying development and can be built on many normal residential blocks without need for a council Development Approval. These dual family designs make an outstanding investment.
The Granny Flat is separated by a fire wall and has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living and alfresco. The main house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a double garage. Other designs in this range meet the increasing demand for separated teenager or aged parents retreats, without the added cost of separating fire walls.


Macquarie 28

Total under-roof area 258.02m2
Total home width 15.07m
Total home length 21.81m
To suit min block size 17m x 34.5m or 19.5m x 30m

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