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Our architectural, split level homes are designed to sit gracefully into sloping home sites.

Split Level designs provide a delightful sense of layering to living spaces and outdoor areas. Combined with sensitive landscaping these spaces enhance streetscapes and lifestyles, providing sensitive niches that are aesthetically beautiful and enjoyable living spaces.
Our architects and builders relish the opportunity to work with these difficult sites, it’s where they really shine. Their beautiful split level home designs integrate seamlessly into sloping or steep sites and are packed with architectural features that add character and charm to the living environment.


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Parkview 21

Total under-roof area 204.69m2
Total home width 10.42m
Total home length 14.40m

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Facades For 21

Parkview 22

Total under-roof area 207.25m2
Total home width 10.42m
Total home length 15.06m

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Facades For 22