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This plan range meets specific planning requirements for narrow allotments.

In many regions land is being released that is as narrow as 9m wide and 25m deep. These homes require special planning, as they have to be aligned on one boundary, have special front and rear setbacks and specific open space requirements.
Bellriver has become a specialist builder in these areas, particularly in Western Sydney. This design range meets these requirements while maximizing the available space and creating an open larger home feel.


  • 11
  • 16

Pinedale 11

Total under-roof area 101.09m2
Total home width 7.60m
Total home length 14.75m
To suit min block size 9m

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Facades For 11

Pinedale 16

Total under-roof area 148.57m2
Total home width 7.60m
Total home length 21.46m
To suit min block size 9m x 30m

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Facades For 11