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Luxury designs for discerning homeowners

The Somerton collection includes new and fresh versions of some of our most popular designs. Over time, some houses have just kept appealing to our home buyers.
For this new collection, we briefed our designer to revisit them and improve their ‘liveability’ and pack them with the most modern, as well as the minute features. The result is a range of classic’s that simply work. They are all generous in size and are perfect for the active family.


  • 24
  • 257
  • 282
  • 298
  • 338
  • 344
  • 350

Somerton 24

Total under-roof area 222.45m2
Total home width 13.07m
Total home length 19.67m
To suit min block size 15m x 26.5m

Download floorplan:


Facades For 24

Somerton 257

Total under-roof area 257.23m2
Total home width 13.98m2
Total home length 19.66m2
To suit min block size 15.8m x 28.2m

Download floorplan:

Facades For 257

Somerton 282

Total under-roof area 281.17m2
Total home width 13.20m2
Total home length 21.45m2
To suit min block size 15m x 29m

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Facades For 282

Somerton 298

Total under-roof area 298.54m2
Total home width 13.20m
Total home length 21.42m
To suit min block size 15m x 30m

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Facades For 298

Somerton 338

Total under-roof area 338.19m2
Total home width 13.20m
Total home length 27.16m
To suit min block size 15m x 35.7m

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Facades For 338

Somerton 344

Total under-roof area 344.08m2
Total home width 15.52m
Total home length 26.19m
To suit min block size 17.4m x 34.7m

Download floorplan:

Facades For 344

Somerton 350

Total under-roof area 349.97
Total home width 16.37
Total home length 24.50
To suit min block size 18.2m x 33m

Download floorplan:


Facades For 350