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1881 Tullimbar, Illawarra

In 1881, upon a sleepy hill at the foot of Macquarie Pass, a schoolhouse was built. The simple Yellow Rock sandstone walls and a corrugated iron roof were the first signs of community in a place that would become known as Tullimbar. Like the young minds that sat in that schoolhouse and imagined a bright future, we would like to invite you on a similar journey.

More about the Tullimbar in Illawarra

1881 Tullimbar is a boutique estate nestled in the foothills of Macquarie Pass. Steeped in history, 1881 Tullimbar embraces the natural amphitheatre provided by the grand Illawarra Escarpment, harnessing a serene and comforting atmosphere. Taking advantage of the uniquely coastal lifestyle of the Illawarra, 1881 Tullimbar sits on the edge of a pristine national park while the exquisite South Coast beaches are only a short drive away. Come with us as we present a refreshed vision for this blossoming region of the Illawarra.
1881 Tullimbar has been re-imagined with modern living front of mind. From carefully selected flora to meticulously planned streets, the realized vision of 1881 Tullimbar will be one of long-lasting quality. A well-considered streetscape ensures a seamless experience for current and future residents of 1881 Tullimbar. Whether you are creating your first ever home or considering something bigger and better, 1881 Tullimbar is the first step in your journey.
One of the greatest luxuries 1881 Tullimbar has on offer is space. The space young families need to grow and craft a home of their very own. Our understanding of the needs of the local community has led 1881 Tullimbar to engage local builders and suppliers to help deliver the completed community.
The serenity and peaceful ambience of Tullimbar and its surrounds is a key defining feature of the area. While conjuring and conveying a sense of tranquillity, isolation is not a cause for concern.
A ten-minute drive has you in reach of Albion Park Train Station and Illawarra Regional Airport, while easy access to the M1 motorway makes for a quick trip to Wollongong and Shellharbour. If you prefer not to drive and would rather sit back and enjoy the peaceful ride into Shellharbour City Centre, the Route 75 bus picks up passengers from within the heart of Tullimbar.

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