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What is Included in a House and Land Package

From the cabinet hardware to the kitchen backsplash, countless features form part of a basic house and land package plan. However, several components aren’t a part of that basic plan. To help you navigate what you are getting when you purchase a package, we walk you through the complete list of the most common elements included in a house and land package and all the extras you can request, so the final build is flawless when you are ready to move in.
1. Accessories and Finishes
From cornices and paint colours to tiles and tapware, most house and land packages include basic finishes. However, you get to tailor these finishes to enhance their appearance to suit your style. In most instances, you will be presented with basic finishes to choose from; any luxury upgrades will cost an additional fee.
2. Outdoor Decor
Do you want a covered terrace? A double garage? A deck? A second-floor balcony? Depending on the house and land package you buy, these are all elements that you can include in your build. However, many external features don’t form a part of the basic build unless included in the initial plan. But it is possible to add them – for a cost – if your plan permits.
3. Technical Features
Smart homes have become customary in NSW. Therefore, many buyers expect a home to include some tech features, whether smart thermostats, touch switches, or luxury appliances. If you enjoy the convenience of a smart home, having technical features included in the home’s build is a tremendous cost-saving down the line. However, even if not every technical element you desire forms part of the home, many house and land packages will include some basic modern conveniences.
4. Layout and Design
While the size of the home is predetermined, there are ways to change the layout and design of the house. You can increase ceiling height, change the placement of rooms or add a second floor. Many of these features, however, will be offered as part of the range of house plans at your disposal.

How Do I Know What Features Aren’t Included In My House and Land Plan?

Many basic features you would expect when purchasing a home are in the base price of the build. Anything beyond that would be an extra cost. However, because house and land packages differ, from luxury and bespoke packages – where many inclusions do not accrue an additional charge – to simple entry-level homes, defining what is and is not included in your home is challenging.
Instead, you can review the package insert to determine your inclusions or ask your specialist for the essential list of features. Additionally, when viewing a model home, you can enquire about what features are extras and what comes as standard, as this will give you a broad understanding of what your home would look like when completed. You can then evaluate this list to determine if you can manage with the basic features or whether you need extra features.

Do I Have To Include Alterations In My House and Land Package?

There’s no need to add features to your build. You can choose to adhere to the basic elements of your project to save on cost. These will usually include the fundamental pieces that are necessary to build a home. However, alterations allow you to tailor the home to reflect your tastes and usually make resale more advantageous. Besides, while it may be possible to make these alterations after you move in, the cost-saving of doing it during the build is quite significant.
House and land packages, similar to resale homes, come in a variety of styles. If you want a bespoke design with state-of-the-art amenities at no additional cost, some homes include that sort of luxury. If you want a family home with the necessary features for an investment property, house and land packages exist to suit those needs. With an extensive list of properties across NSW, we have house and land packages to suit all tastes and budgets.


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