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Change your home not your address.

In many established urban areas, vacant land is simply not available. Often the homes in these areas are beginning to show their age, are often dark and have small living spaces not designed for modern living.
Generally, the value of this premium land has increased substantially in recent years and these areas have become more and more desirable. While the land is valuable, the homes are often worth little more than the value of the land.
In these circumstances it makes financial sense to rebuild and change their home rather than move and change their address. The effect on families is always transformational. They retain a great established lifestyle and improve the value of their property.

Knock down – rebuild is an area that Bellriver Homes specialize. We offer a solution that is stream-lined, easy and cost effective. Often this type of project requires a professional architect designed solution, which is un-necessarily expensive. At Bellriver, we have a specialist team of designers, draftsmen, quantity surveyors and builders who can work together to provide the perfect solution, all at a fixed all inclusive price, using one of our many standard designs or a modification of one. We can alter our designs to fit the specific requirements of re-building work including working to set boundaries and levels, fixtures on the land etc. You will find that working with a building company run by builders, who also have construction systems for the perfect delivery and outcome of your project will mean you can be rest assured that what would often be a complex and expensive project will become seamless and cost effective.

If you are considering the pros and cons of re-building, one of our consultants will assist by going through the entire process with you. They will show you how much it will cost to demolish the existing home and clear the land. This knock-down service will be provided by Bellriver Homes. We will then show you what issues there may be with access, levels, service connections etc. Once this is established we will work with you to get a design that is perfect for your land and your lifestyle. Design work may be required to the façade so that it looks right in an established neighborhood. Then, we will work through a “schedule of finishes” to ascertain exactly what you require along with any external works that are needed beyond the building of the home. Then, and only after this level of due diligence, we will provide you with a full ‘fixed price’ tender. We do not believe in pricing using PC allowances and provisional sums. Please read our publication 'The things most builders never tell you’ to fully understand the difference in our process and all other builders.

Initial Enquiry. Our consultant will work through the whole concept with you. They would assist you with an initial design selection and give you a ‘budget estimate’ so that you can know, very initially, whether the whole concept ‘adds up’. Often at this point, they would visit the site with you to give you an initial idea of any unforeseen issues.

Finalise The Design. Our consultant would then work through the design details with you to make sure you are getting the finest architectural design with the modifications that suit the block and your lifestyle. They will also make sure the façade is exactly what you want and that is suits the area and will give you the desired outcome.

FIXED price tender. We would then submit your request to our estimators to provide a FIXED price, no hidden surprises tender.

Council and statutory approvals. If the tender is approved, we would then prepare all the documentation for council development approval and construction approval. We would also do all the required engineering. At this point we would do an energy assessment and pay the Home owners warranty insurance. We will also prepare a full HIA building contract, showing the payment timeframes, our full responsibilities and your rights.

Color selection and finishes. This would normally be done while we are awaiting the council permits. This is a great fun process that is assisted by our colour consultants. You will be choosing everything from the external bricks, colours and finishes to the details in your new kitchen and bathrooms. We will go through the electrical layout with you during this time so we make sure everything is positioned just perfectly for your lifestyle.

Starting Construction. Now the action really begins. At this point, you can largely leave it to us. You have done everything you need so that we can just get to work! Safety fences will be erected, demolition will take place, and your new dream will start to rise out of the ground. This work will be supervised by qualified builders who will co-ordinate the works and oversee the quality. Every tradesman working on your site will have to meet strict criteria, be licensed, have all OH&S in place and be scrutinized to meet the Bellriver quality code. This is beyond the standards and tolerances that are required in the Building act. We have our own standards that we strictly enforce.

Move in! From start to completion generally takes a little longer than a normal build, as there are often many small issues to overcome. But the process is extremely rewarding and the end result often highly valuable. Enjoy… and join the Bellriver fan network, and start being rewarded substantially for every referral that comes our way as a result of you sharing your experience.