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Knockdown Rebuild Process Explained by Experts

The knockdown and rebuild process sounds tempting for your home. However, you are still unsure if that’s the best option. It could help to learn more about the knockdown rebuild process explained by experts. 

We discuss how knock down rebuild works below.


What Paperwork Will You Need?

A knockdown and rebuild project includes paperwork, and you want to make sure you get it right. The actual regulations vary depending on the area, so your first stop should be the local council. It’s crucial to note that KDR might have an impact on the entire community. That’s why the councils are often strict regarding the demolishing and rebuilding of any home. For example, if your neighbourhood is a heritage listing, it might be hard to even get a KDR permit.

Some local councils have websites where you can easily check if your property is suitable for knockdown and rebuild. Alternatively, you can call or visit the local authorities and ask to talk to the “planning and building” department. Your goal is to determine what approvals and permits you need. If you do everything properly, there’s a minimal risk of anyone interfering during the project.

Sydney house being demolished

What Do You Need for a Demolition Approval?

The initial consideration is to acquire a demolition approval. It ensures you can knock down the current house while doing everything by law. 

Although it varies on the location, these are things commonly required to include in your application:

  • A demolition plan – you specify the property for demolishing but also list the services you plan to disconnect.
  • Proof of ownership – you should provide documents to confirm you are the landowner. You might even need a settlement letter if you purchased the lot recently.
  • Waste management – the local council might require a plan on how to dispose of waste materials. The methods vary depending on the location, so contact the authorities to discuss the best solution.
  • A licensed contractor – the contractor should have insurance and other required qualifications to demolish the house.

Hiring an Expert

The next step is crucial – you’ll need to find a skilled and experienced professional. You want a specialist who understands local regulations, such as a town planner or structural engineer. Most knockdown and rebuild companies employ or partner with experts that can help get everything right.

Ensuring that you’re familiar with the knockdown rebuild process explained by experts guarantees you do everything properly from the start. They will offer expert insights and help to acquire the required approvals and permits. 

Here are some considerations they might apply:

  • Did you notice any easements or boundary problems?
  • Are there any problems related to local regulations on your lot? That could include a heritage listing or protection from bushfires, flooding, etc.
  • Can the KDR project affect traffic in the area? You’ll need a plan to manage the traffic if that’s the case.
  • Will your new house overshadow or overlook the one in the vicinity?
  • Are you changing the access point to your property? Can it affect the neighbours?
  • What services you’ll disconnect or remove, such as electricity, gas, phone, water?
  • Do you plan to cut any big trees? That could require separate approval.

The project might come with a lot of hanging questions. That’s why having a KDR specialist by your side is imperative.

Designing Your Future Home

It’s time to design the house of your dreams! A knockdown and rebuild contractor will sit down to discuss your requirements with you. They’ll design a plan based on your desires but also the discoveries made while inspecting the site. If you need inspiration, most KDR specialists have completed designs in their portfolio. They can show you the available designs, so you can pick the one that suits you.

The good news is that expert KDR companies can comply with different requests. That includes building homes of various sizes and shapes. Whether you are an individual who wants a perfectly-tailored space or a family with several children, it’ll be easy to find the desired design.

You should consider the site’s orientation and condition when choosing the design of your future home. Maximizing sun exposure can ensure that natural sunlight comes into your house, which increases energy efficiency. You should also consider required flooding protection regulations and other potential restrictions.

Conducting the Demolition

It’s time to conduct the actual demolition of your current home. Please note that the experts should also remove asbestos if it was detected during the inspection process. The demolition contractor should have all the required approvals and permits before they start the project.

The expert will probably notify electricity, gas, and other companies about what you plan to do. That’s because they might need to disconnect their pipelines to ensure the demolition can be finished safely. You’ll need an Asset Protection Permit, which protects the public property. Another requirement is a fence for the site, which should protect the general public.

Generally, the same professionals who complete the demolition are also responsible for cleaning up and removing the debris. It’s not a service you need to hire separately.

Sydney house being demolished

Preparing and Rebuilding Your Home

It’s now time for your builder to get the site prepared for constructing your new home. They will start as soon as possible, but building a house from scratch takes time. The project includes several phases, so it’s hard to give an accurate estimation. The builder might tell you an estimated minimum and maximum time for the project, such as 6-10 months. If you have the required construction and design documentation already, the building process can start. It’s vital to find an expert who’ll keep you in the loop and do their best to stick to the timeline.

Conclusion – Knockdown Rebuild Process Explained by Experts

At Bellriver Homes, we have years of experience in handling knockdown and rebuild projects. Our team offers the best ratio of price and quality. We can be your reliable partner throughout the entire process and ensure the entire KDR project goes in line with your expectations. If that sounds like a sweet deal, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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