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Live Your Best Life With a Land and House Package in NSW

Realising your dream of owning a parcel of land with a home is now easier than ever. In an attempt to boost home ownership, home builders in Australia are offering attractive land and custom home packages that aim to streamline the property investment process and make it easier for young Australians to own a home in a thriving community. If you’re looking for a house and lot for sale in Sydney, contact Bellriver Homes or browse our website for a wide selection of home and land packages in up and coming Sydney suburbs.

How Do House and Land Packages Work?

So, how do house and land packages work in real terms? It’s all about simplicity; the client pays a fixed price for a plot of land and a new home build offered by a home builder. A house and land package is often cheaper than buying a plot of land and organising a home build separately.

Benefits of House and Land Packages

Whether you’re a first time home owner or an active real estate investor, the benefits of house and land packages are numerous.

The Right Home In The Right Location

A simple search for “house and lot for sale in Sydney” will yield a plethora of house and land packages in some of the most sought-after areas in New South Wales. With a house and land package, you can easily find a number of affordable options in the very communities you’ve always wanted to raise a family or retire in. Not only does this let you find the right location for you, the in-depth home customisation options offered by builders like Bellriver Homes means that you can have that dream home in the very same neighbourhood you’ve always wanted.

True Community Living

Many of the best land and home packages are located in master planned communities. Master planned communities are large residential areas with world-class amenities such as parks, sporting facilities, schools, even commercial spaces that cater to every need. These are thriving, self-contained communities that offer security, peace of mind and convenience in newly constructed suburbs. For families and individuals who are tired of the unrelenting pace of the cities, land and house packages are an increasingly attractive prospect.

Affordable Home Ownership

A house and land package can help you become a homeowner at a reasonable price and it also saves money on stamp duty, through tax rebates and government schemes such as the First Home Guarantee, Family Home Guarantee and Regional Home Guarantee. Tangible savings are also created by the home itself; most modern homes are constructed with energy efficiency in mind.

Easy Start Program

The Bellriver Homes Easy Start program is a unique opportunity to purchase a House and Land package with just a 10% deposit. The remainder is to be paid upon completion of the project. Here’s a quick look at the Easy Start Program.

Confirm Your Finances

● Pre-approval by lender
● Select a conveyancer/solicitor

Select your Easy Start Package

● Confirm your inclusions with the help of a new home build consultant
● Confirm your start and completion date

Reservation Fee

Pay a $1000 Reservation Fee to secure your EasyStart package
● $500 non refundable component (administration fee) paid via cash/cheque/credit/EFT
● Photo ID must be provided for ALL purchasers at time of deposit
● Front page will be issued to financier
● Contracts will be issued to your solicitor/conveyancer within 14 days to exchange contracts
● Your EasyStart home is taken off market during this 14 day period

Unconditional Exchange

● Contract is to be signed within 14 days of initial deposit
● 10% deposit required (minus $1000 reservation fee paid)


● Settlement is required within 10 days of reaching practical completion

House And Land Packages In Master Planned Communities In NSW

Need help getting started on your house and land journey? Bellriver Homes has over 30 years of experience building homes in New South Wales. Contact us today to speak to a dynamic and passionate team of home designers who specialise in house and land packages.


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