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How to Maximize Your Investment with House and Land Packages in NSW

Intrigued by Australian house investment opportunities? You may be interested in NSW house and land packages, which are a great way to maximise your investment in a bundled deal. With in-demand locations, cost savings, flexible design choices, and potential for capital growth, it’s no wonder why more and more Aussies are choosing to invest in house and land packages.

Bellriver Homes has all the details on maximising your investment with premium house and land packages in Sydney and across regional NSW. Keep reading to learn more about investing in house and land and how to get the best value for your money.

Location Options

Buying a second house and renting out the first is not new in Australia, but the success of such purchases often comes down to the location. Strategic location selection makes a significant difference to your living and renting experience as, ideally, you want a growing suburb with plenty of amenities. Local schools, shops, parks and public transport will increase the value of your investment. At the same time, the smartest investments have a spacious lot with room to grow so families can enjoy privacy and outdoor entertaining.

There’s a great variety of locations available for house and land packages in NSW, including coastal areas like Wollongong, Shoalhaven and Newcastle. That being said, many inland areas are appealing options for NSW house investment, too. Orange, Mudgee, Hawkesbury, Bathurst and Maitland are just a few examples of worthwhile inland locations to consider when buying investment property. Display homes can give you a better idea of what to expect from a house and land investment property near Sydney or in regional areas.

Cost Savings & Capital Growth

The cost advantages of house and land packages make it easy to maximise your investment. A valuable house and land package near Sydney comes with a strong potential for capital growth based on the location and market trends. With possible savings on fees and stamp duty, plus attractive financing options, you can set yourself up for a promising return on your house investment.
Remember, the construction and land components have separate contracts, and stamp duty will only be charged on the land. Also, keep in mind that a home and land package near Sydney will generally cost more than one farther out from a major metropolitan area. Prices also vary by builder and floor plan, so make sure to do your research to get the best deal on house and land packages.

Flexible Financing & Design Choices

Make the most of your house and land package in Sydney and surrounding areas with all the fun, flexible design customisation options available. The best builders in NSW offer plenty of opportunities to tailor the home to your personal preferences while working with your budget.
Consider financing options like pre-approval and working with mortgage brokers, and feel free to ask any questions when you visit builder display centres. Just remember to do your due diligence by researching thoroughly before buying an investment property in Sydney. Consider market demand and builder reputation before making your final choice, too.

Choose Bellriver Homes for a House and Land Package in Sydney

Ready to move forward with an investment property in Sydney? Make the right choice with the best house and land packages from Bellriver Homes. Contact us online for more info on buying investment property and our attractive house and land options.


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