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Maximizing Space and Light with Open Floor Plans for Your Home

Maximizing Space and Light with Open Floor Plans for Your Home 

The concept of open floor plans has changed the way people live for the better. An open floor plan features large, open spaces with a natural flow while small, private rooms like offices or formal dining rooms are few and far between. With their growing popularity in modern home design, open plan living floor plans are highly sought after by Australian families. 

As NSW’s leader in open plan double storey house design, Bellriver Homes embraces natural light and ample space in our new home builds. Let’s look at the top tips for incorporating this design trend into your home. 



Maximizing Space and Light with Open Floor Plans for Your Home

Enhancing Natural Light 

Sunshine is good for the soul. One of the most significant benefits of a house design with open floor plans is how open layouts enhance natural light. Functionality and convenience are improved when you have a natural light source in kitchens, living rooms and entertaining areas. Open floor plans allow light to flow through windows, skylights and glass doors, adding ambiance and improving the look and feel of the space. Our favourite tips for maximising natural light include luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows, coupled with light-coloured furniture and walls to reflect sunlight.

Optimising Space Utilisation

The best NSW home builders understand how to optimise the use of space with open plan living floor plans. An open floor plan combines two or more rooms that are traditionally split with a floor-to-ceiling wall, eliminating barriers and creating spaciousness. If you want more flexibility and versatility in your home design, open layouts are the way to go. Make the most of your space by embracing the architectural elements and using modern, multi-purpose furniture.

Fostering Social Connections

Houses designed with an open floor plan promote interaction and connectivity, incorporating smart design elements for socialising and entertaining. The most popular open plan house designs in NSW make it easy to supervise young children and pets while facilitating family bonding and entertaining loved ones. The more open, the better when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming environment for fostering social connections and making memories.

Creating a Modern Aesthetic

Open plan double storey house design should show off the best of contemporary aesthetic elements. By showcasing architectural features and unobstructed views, you can enjoy modern luxury living at its finest. An open floor plan display home serves as great inspiration for incorporating modern design elements such as clean lines and natural light. Sustainable materials and high-quality styles also go a long way in modern design.

Tips for Incorporating Open Floor Plans

With open floor plan homes, it’s important to consider practicality, space planning and privacy. You can use alternative design elements for balance and symmetry within a room, such as luxury window treatments to increase privacy, and plush furniture to take up appropriate space in an open living room and kitchen area.

Bellriver home designs with open living areas are a great example of open plan done right. Take a look at Avalon, a popular double storey open plan house design, or Pinedale for stylish single storey living on a narrow block.

Discover Luxury House Design Open Floor Plans in NSW 

Ready to unlock the potential of open floor plans for your home? Bellriver Homes has you covered with a variety of beautiful open plan house designs in Sydney and regional NSW. Get in touch to start the process of building your dream home with our trusted design and build specialists by your side.


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