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2024 Home Trends: Latest Home Design Trends in Sydney

New Home Designs in Sydney

As 2023 drew to an end, the exciting industry of modern Australian home designs turns its attention to identifying the most popular trends of 2024. As luxury home building experts, the team at Bellriver Homes always has a finger on the pulse so that our customers know exactly what’s hot and what’s not. From new home exterior design to the latest smart technologies, 2024 is all about eco-friendly practices and organic, natural tones to offset the clean-cut lines of the recent past.

Smooth Curves

Gone are the days of ultra-modern, clean cut lines. The trend this 2024 will be a return to furniture, lamps, and interior designs that remind us of a human touch. The angular lines of past years may not completely go away, but will certainly be complemented by the increasingly popular smooth, soft curves of sofas and rustic archways.

Warm, Earthy Tones

The constant push and pull between sleek, contemporary design and organic, rustic tones has led to increasingly beautiful combinations in home design trends. In 2024, architects want to let the natural world in just a little more. Organic forms and texture will be more prevalent as delightful imperfection is celebrated with distressed wood, ceramic, hand-woven cloth and antique tiling. The latest modern home designs are turning to interior styles that give the home a “lived in” feel.

Open-Concept Living Spaces

With multi-generational living on the rise and more people working from home than ever before, architects and homeowners have turned their attention to creating living spaces that give a better sense of openness and flow. Open floor plans that integrate living, dining, kitchen and alfresco areas are extremely popular in single storey and double storey floor plans. Not only do such spaces make the home feel more spacious, they also create a natural flow that encourages interaction and a sense of communal living. Modern Australian home designs by Bellriver Homes place great importance on space, openness and natural light.

Integration of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technologies will begin to play several roles in Australian homes. Smart technology will revolutionise the way people access entertainment, improve energy efficiency through automation and even boost home security significantly. The true benefit of these systems will come to the forefront when they can integrate with one another and create a smart home network where real time data is used to anticipate the needs of the homeowner.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Features

Energy-efficiency is a craft that requires research, application and an approach that seeks to maximise sustainability using multiple techniques. With the wealth of energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, eco-friendly building materials and architectural methods that optimise use of space, Australian homeowners can truly claim that their footprint on the environment is lower than ever. For more ideas on home exterior designs that combine eco-friendly functionality nd aesthetics, contact Bellriver Homes.

Latest Modern Home Designs For 2024

Ready to begin your custom home journey with Sydney’s most innovative residential home builders? Contact Bellriver Homes today for a closer look at the cutting-edge design trends of 2024 or explore our virtual display home tours today.


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