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Our word is our bond.

Our bond guides our actions and is the essence of the connection between us. We guarantee our tender is the best in the industry.

We guarantee that our House and Land Packages have True Fixed Price Site Costs and remain fixed until 3 months after forecast registration date. If you have unregistered land, you can B-SECURE knowing that there will be no price rise, and your price is locked while you are waiting for your land to develop.

We will provide a dedicated Customer Service Officer who will provide a single point of contact and guide you through every aspect of your home building process – from deposit through to the completion of your warranty.

Bellriver Homes engages Tyrrells Property Inspections to inspect your home at critical milestones of the building process. You can B-Secure knowing that you will receive a report from an independent inspector as part of your settlement process.

You want the best for your family. So do we. That's why Bellriver has been giving Australia's home-owners quality, value and peace of mind since 1993.

At Bellriver we regulate the number of site starts commencing each month. This allows consistent flow for trades so we can monitor quality and timeframes. When you place a deposit we will allocate you a site start month depending on our availability, so you will know up front when your house will commence construction.

You can B-SECURE with todays prices for your unregistered lot with our capped price option on unregistered land, up to 3 months from your land registration date.

We shine in design. Our unique Design Consultation Process helps us identify what you need in a new home so that you can B-SECURE knowing that we’ve recommend a home that perfectly suits you and your family. With over 100 architecturally designed homes for us to choose from, this process is the blueprint that guides us and you to the perfect design.

Should we hit rock during the construction of your new home, we will pay. This is the peace of mind you need when building a new home. No variations for hidden site conditions during construction, we pay the bill so you can B-SECURE.

We have a level of inclusions that is unprecedented in the building industry and we are prepared to prove it. You can B-SECURE knowing that our inclusions are turn-key and have everything included up front and transparent. No hidden surprises.

If we do not complete building your new home in the contracted build time we will pay your rent until we do.

The site costs in your tender will be estimated accurately according to our professional on-site analysis program and fixed to suit your site. We avoid provisional allowances to ensure there are no variations or hidden surprises after you sign a contract. B-SECURE when you know your Site Costs Price is TRULY Fixed.


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