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Welcome to Oakville residences

A collection of seven, four bedroom freestanding homes

“Oakville Residences” is nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Sydney, Oakville stands as a testament to suburban tranquillity and family-friendly living. Welcome to a neighbourhood where the charm of rural life meets the convenience of urban amenities, creating an ideal haven for families. Oakville’s allure lies not only in its lush greenery and scenic beauty but also in the strong sense of community that defines this area.

This family-orientated neighbourhood is a picturesque suburb boasting lush green landscapes, serene parks, and a strong sense of community. With reputable schools, local markets, vibrant shopping districts, and easy access to major transport hubs.

Oakville strikes the perfect balance between convenience and a peaceful atmosphere. Discover a place where children can grow, families can bond, and memories are made. 

Site Plan

The ultimate family neighbourhood

A boutique development of seven, four bedroom freestanding homes set in a picturesque family-orientated neighbourhood.


Where people come together.

Experience seamless connectivity in Oakville, where the world is at your doorstep, offering an array of transport options to make every journey convenient and efficient. An extensive bus network provides easy access to nearby areas, making daily commutes and weekend adventures a breeze.

For those who prefer the option of trains, Oakville benefits from the proximity of Schofields and Riverstone Train Stations, ensuring you can effortlessly reach Sydney’s city centre and surrounding suburbs. And with the nearby Rouse Hill Metro, the future of urban mobility is right at your fingertips, promising even greater accessibility and convenience.

Oakville’s exceptional transport links not only connect you to the essentials of daily life but also open doors to endless possibilities. Whether it’s work, leisure, or exploration, Oakville ensures that your journey is as easy as it is enjoyable.


Everything at your doorstep.

Oakville Residences seamlessly blends convenience and leisure, offering residents a vibrant lifestyle enriched with shopping, entertainment, and fitness options just moments away from their doorstep. 

Embrace a shopper’s paradise with nearby shopping centers, boutique stores, and local markets catering to diverse needs. The neighbourhood also boasts state-of-the-art fitness facilities, gyms, and scenic walking trails, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Oakville provides a diverse range of dining and recreation choices, ensuring that residents can experience the best of both worlds in this dynamic community.

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