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Why Now is the Time to Buy Home and Land Packages in Sydney

Home and Land Packages in Sydney

For most individuals, the many advantages of investing in property are overshadowed by the complications and risks associated with it. Buying a parcel of land to develop isn’t as easy as it looks, and building a home on it can sometimes be more of a hassle than it is worth. In an effort to streamline the homebuilding process, home building companies like Bellriver Homes offer carefully curated home and land packages at prices that are transparent, reasonable, and include cutting-edge home designs that are brought to life by highly experienced builders. Read on to find out how to buy investment property in the most convenient, stress-free way.

Are House and Land Packages a Good Investment?

Are house and land packages a good investment? For many potential homeowners, the answer lies in understanding the advantages of investing in property that includes a land parcel and a home.


The real estate market is, for most people, a volatile space. What a house and land package provides is peace of mind with turnkey options that guarantee a parcel of land with a fully customised home that is ready to be occupied. The combined land and home package is reasonably priced and located in master planned communities that are attractive for homeowners and tenants alike. With land and house packages now more affordable than ever, they are an unmissable opportunity for all investors.

Location and Lifestyle

With the sheer number of quality home builders offering a variety of packages in different parts of the state, a buyer has a wealth of options before them that cater perfectly to their needs. Whether you’re looking for a land and house package in an established neighbourhood or an up-and-coming suburb, you can find a package that aligns precisely with your way of life.

Bellriver Homes feature house and land packages in highly-sought after communities like Lakeside – Gledswood Hills, The Gables-Box Hill, Newpark and Elara Estate-Marsden Park.

Customisation is Key

Although house and land packages are thoughtfully assembled, quality home builders understand the importance of customisation. A house and land package is a useful framework within which the buyer can explore a wide range of design options and customisations that reflect their personality. With the very best home building companies now competing with one another, it is the customer who stands to benefit as customisable luxury homes are within reach for even a young family.

If you’re wondering how to buy investment property in New South Wales, the Bellriver Homes team is here to help. Our convenient, streamlined process ensures that a trusted house and land specialist works closely with you to find a location, a fully customisable home layout and shows you display homes so you can experience the standard we set for ourselves, all while respecting your budget.

Long-Term Investment

Whether you plan to live in the home, or rent it for extra income, a house and land package is the ideal long term investment. Home and land packages in Sydney are located in thriving, master planned communities with state-of-the-art amenities and an exciting future for families and professionals.

House and land package purchases are also encouraged through government support schemes such as the First Home Guarantee, Family Home Guarantee and Regional Home Guarantee.

Attractive House and Land Packages in New South Wales

Looking for the most convenient way to own property in New South Wales? Contact Bellriver Homes for personalised investment advice for house and land packages in master planned communities.


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