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Procurement Brilliance

Bellriver have now introduced Procurement Brilliance, which guarantees our customers home will be built on time, on budget and on sustainability.


Smart strategy
+ seamless logistics
= certainty

The world has changed and the way we managed sourcing will never be the same. Traditional methods have been turned upside down with risk levels at peaks. Supply chain goals are now about more than price, quality, and inventory levels. How you pivot and procure today, defines your tomorrow.

Bellriver Homes introduce professional service line called Procurement Brilliance.

Bellriver Procurement Brilliance is truly about creating resilience, sustainability, and accountability in supply chains to better serve and deliver for our customer, and ensure that Bellriver Homes is a business that is “easy to do business with”.

Four-Step approach

  1. Awareness Which defines objectives, understands gaps in the current state, categorises the right data and determines key opportunities and controls risk.

  2. Connect Which deep-dives into right sourcing, benchmarking, analysing risks and roadmaps a framework for implementation.

  3. Deliver With a go-to-market strategy, contract management program, supply chain risk mitigation plan and supply schedules.

  4. Certitude With a strong viable business backed up with tight cost control and credit warrant.


It’s all about true partnerships

During Bellriver's 30 years operating in the industry we have established deep relationships within the industry, delivering long term performance & longevity together.

Our trusted supply chain is committed to working together to ensure risk is collectively managed, and delivering value to our customers.



A holistic model designed to manage risk and bring best value to customer, industry, economy and supply chain.


Inventory & Supply

A robust inventory and supply system



Sharing knowledge is essential, it has to be both ways, better needs understanding, end to end visibility supported by informed decisions


Forward Planning

Advanced strategic planning with efficient operations, and a preponderation for the need to pivot or response with global disruptions


Supply Location

Supplier closer to home and avoid cross-water if possible. Build in resilience


Pillars of Procurement Brilliance

Win - Win

Inspires customer, suppliers and all contributors to work together for prosperity and mitigate risk

Core Driver

We help

Working closely together with customer, trades and suppliers to ensure all engagements are truly win-win. This actualizes our vision of becoming a business that’s easy to do business with


Gives all contributors an early voice ensuring creative, effective, and broader outcomes

Core Driver

We share

We utilize technology for transparent communication throughout the project journey, with just-in-time reporting for labour and material scheduling, and portal login access for suppliers to monitor workflow.


Defines outcomes, structure and accountability then measures and continuously improves

Core Driver

We evolve

Our management platform monitors global and local supply and notifies constraint events


Establishes fast, untrammelled communication

Core Driver

We are nimble

Strong collaboration and concise communication is key to controlling and mitigating any potential risks in the supply chain


Is decisive, based on data and backed up by human overview

Core Driver

We are real-time

Our site start allocation scheme provides continuity of workflow to enable operational efficiency. Closed-loop project management software gives our managers daily data and targets to achieve


Provides certainty, ensuring investment and prosperity

Core Driver

We trust

Our CSR programs provide holistic support and assurance across a broad range of community engagements


Enhances the community, the environment, and the lives of individuals

Core Driver

We are holistic

We source locally where we can and monitor carbon reductions


Builds speed through trust and reliance

Core Driver

We are reliable

Customer has visibility of all supply channels, selected items and cost control certainty


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